7% or 44,000 WA young people are currently living below the poverty line

30% of applicants on the public housing waitlist are below the age of 18. Poverty, trauma and family dysfunction are listed as major contributing factors for deepening and ongoing disadvantage in young people.



WA's youth unemployment is 3 times higher than the national average

WA has the second highest youth unemployment rate in Australia at 14.6% (2019). Almost 3 times the overall unemployment average of 5.2%. Lack of entry level experience is cited as the #1 barrier to entry. 

SOURCE: National Youth Commission, 2019. 


Youth unemployment costs Australia 

$16B in lost GDP each year.

In total, youth unemployment costs the economy 790 million lost hours of work each year, equating to up to $15.9 billion in lost GDP to the Australian economy annually. 

SOURCE: Foundation for Young Australians, 2018. 


Every ReNew Recruit is referred to us for identified risk factors & disadvantage.

ReNew Recruits are referred to the organisation from a skilled 10 week mentoring program with ReNew's parent company, Dismantle. Every recruit has been identified as having social and/or economic disadvantage that decreases their likelihood of having basics level of support & opportunity most take for granted.

For at-risk young people, the most important job they'll ever have... is their first one. 

Here's why


A market led approach to improving social issues, matching corporate demand for quality maintenance services with the people who need the opportunity the most.


6000 hours of employment, supportive mentoring and hands-on experience provided to ReNew recruits per annum.  


29 young people have completed 3 - 6 months with ReNew in the past 12 months. A figure projected to increase by 67% in the next financial year. 


Of ReNew recruits found employment, education or training pathways after exiting the ReNew program.


ReNew is partnered with 9 external education, training and employment transition partners to offer continued development and opportunity outside of ReNew. 




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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land we operate in, the Noongar People and the Traditional Custodians of our main place of work, the Whadjuk People. We pay respects to the Elders and leaders past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions and culture of this country.

ReNew Property Maintenance is a social enterprise initiative of Dismantle, a registered charity in WA.


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